Member Benefits

Our Purpose

We are an independent member-driven organisation that fast tracks the linking of local supplier capability to major project proponents, and we support their success through supply chain integrity. With our extensive industry links we are a trusted source of regional intelligence to all levels of government and business. We are experts in connectivity.

Experts in Connectivity

Connectivity is the fundamental service underpinning the organisation. Being experts means we provide the highest level of capability. With over twenty years experience under the stewardship of talented CEOs the organisation has built deep, personal relationships with the people, businesses and community of the Upper Spencer Gulf region and beyond. Simultaneously it has earned the respect of major project proponents and government through careful analysis of industry data and nuanced, factual reporting of project requirements and developments. In its independent advocacy and connectivity role it balances impartiality with optimism for the region and its growth and forges links that are strong and enduring. It grew from the community and businesses that it now serves.

The Upper Spencer Gulf is made up of rural and semi-desert areas which are bordered by the 3 major urban areas of Port Augusta, Whyalla and Port Pirie, positioned on the coasts of the Spencer Gulf.

Membership Benefits

  • Enhanced Visibility: Join the ranks of over 200 members who are at the forefront of the regional project pipeline. Your membership grants you access to and unique listing on “Tactic’s Find a Member” database, which is regularly searched by prominent buyers and project leaders within the sector.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy priority access to discounted exhibitor and delegate packages for the Annual Tactic Conference and Trade Expo. This prestigious gathering attracts attendance and presentations from major asset owners and project developers in the region, with over 700 delegates and 100 exhibitors in 2023.
  • Supplier Engagement Tours: Participate in Tactic arranged supplier tours offering you the opportunity to showcase your business to influential buyers (such as BHP) at your business premises. This face-to-face interaction allows you the opportunity to highlight your capabilities and connect with procurement, capital, and maintenance teams.
  • Timely Information: Stay informed with access to tender information, work package releases, regional news, workshops, and events.
  • Collaborative Networking: Access Tactic’s member list to explore collaboration prospects with like-minded businesses.
  • Promotion: Benefit from promotion as a member in our publications, on the website and across our social media channels.
  • Exclusive Branding: Showcase your commitment to regional engagement in South Australia with an exclusive Tactic Member Badge, which you can proudly display on your website/social media and email signature.
  • Exposure to Industry Partners: Your capabilities will be featured on the Tactic Supplier List, accessible to project developers, Major Buyers, Tier 1 contractors, and stakeholders.
  • Invitations: Receive Invitations to all Tactic’s events, including “Meet the Buyer” sessions, providing direct networking opportunities with significant asset owners, project developers and major buyers. Engage regularly with other businesses and stay up to date on emerging regional projects.
  • Proactive Advocacy: Benefit from Tactic’s proactive advocacy efforts, where we champion your interests with major project leaders, asset owners in the region and all three tiers of government.

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