Veolia provides exemplary mutli-disciplined services on large industrial sites . 

Our core global offering is grouped into three major categories with on-site services to industrial clients covering all three pillars, enriching water and waste-waterenergy services and managing waste as a resource including the most difficult to treat pollutants.

Veolia’s Purpose is the compass that guides its strategic choices and activities, reflected in a commitment to multifaceted performance that creates value for all stakeholders.

Veolia is committed to placing the same level of attention and demands on its economic, financial, commercial, human resources, social and environmental performance.

This commitment guides us in how we support our customers, seeking the most effective solutions in technical and economic terms, but that also have a positive impact for people and the regions and our localised communities.

We are stepping up the pace of growth of our most complex operations, where we boast specialist expertise to bring about the environmental transition to partner with our clients to make them more efficient and competitive.