Sulzer offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative pumps and agitators for metals processing, from slurry to clear liquid and dewatering solutions. Our equipment is tailor-made for challenging process conditions that include corrosive and abrasive liquids. A deep understanding of these applications, which involve handling harsh fluids, allows us to propose solutions that meet customer requirements.

With extensive experience, Sulzer specializes in developing equipment with the latest in corrosion and water-resistant materials technology. We offer a wide range of metallic and elastomeric wear-resistant materials together with a variety of shaft sealing systems, securing a complete and reliable solution. The combination of high-quality materials and engineered hydraulic designs ensures that the customer can benefit from a reliable pumping process and minimal downtime.

Sulzer is a global pump manufacturer with a strong engineering heritage and a comprehensive worldwide service network supporting our new equipment and supplying parts on a local level. Our customers benefit from increased service intervals and exceptional reliability, supported by our wireless condition monitoring system. Optimized designs and reduced energy consumption deliver low operational costs and help to lower carbon footprints. Furthermore, our extensive knowledge of customer processes ensures delivery of optimal, energy-efficient equipment and solutions.