Call for Nominations

Nominations are now open for new board members to be appointed for a two-year term, commencing 18 October 2023.

Nominations are now sought for 5 board member vacancies. Appointments are for 2-years on a voluntary basis. 

Nominations are sought for:

  • 3 Board members with skills and experiences as suppliers.
  • 1 Board member with major customer skills and experience relevant to the organisation
  • 1 Board member with general skills and experience relevant to the organisation.


Tactic Board Members are active in their city or region and contribute to supporting local participation, connection to opportunities and regional growth.

Members are required to;

  • support the Chair and be knowledgeable about the opportunities and challenges facing Tactic members and the region more broadly;
  • be well connected and an advocate for local supplier participation;
  • ability to leverage existing networks and develop new networks across industry sectors to assist in achieving objectives of the association.
  • Demonstrate a commitment toward setting the strategic direction of the association and ability to support implementation.
  • Actively support Committee governance and management processes.